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Apartment for rent

Family apartment rental in Milan

For your family vacations, Aparthotel Milanoin provides a complete offer of family apartments for rent in Milan. Fully equipped with a complete kitchen and totally independent, the apartments of the residence are the perfect choice when traveling with the family.
Family vacations are indeed quite difficult to organize, since they tend to be equations with multiple elements to consider: first and foremost the budget, but also the comfort of the accommodation, the flexibility of the organization and the health and wellness of all the members of the family.
Hence, opting for family apartment rental may help you get some savings and optimize the management of family life during your stay in Milan. (more…)

Short-term stay in Milan

Are you planning to spend some time in Milan for business or vacation? For a short-time stay, you should consider the option of taking a small furnished apartment for rent.
Of course, depending on whether you travel alone or with the family, your habits and needs may change significantly. What does not change, however, is the desire to feel safe and at ease, just like at home.
For your short-time stays in Milan, Aparthotel Milanoin provides several accommodation facilities coming in different dimensions and included services: at a few minutes’ drive away from the Centre of Milan, you may find Economy Apartments, Standard Apartments and Comfort Apartments for rent to best meet your travel budget and requirements. (more…)

Apartment with full kitchen in Milan

When traveling, it is very important to feel safe and comfortable at all times.
Aparthotel Milanoin, in the immediate vicinities of Milan and Monza and easy to reach by car or by means of public transportation, offers different kind of accommodations classified according to size, furnishing and accessories of the unit.
Among the many comforts, equipments and accessories which may contribute to the quality of life when staying far from home, you might also want to consider the pros of full kitchen apartments, either if you are planning a medium-long or a short stay in Milan. (more…)

Milan apartment for rent

If you are planning to visit Milan and stay for a short or a longer period of time, you should definitely consider the many edges of taking an apartment for rent.
Convenient for businessmen traveling alone as well as a for groups of friends, couples and families on vacation, our well furnished apartments with full kitchen are a lower-cost accommodation solution when compared to hotel rooms – especially if you need 3 beds or more, and you highly value your privacy and independence.